Pan Tan

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Your paintings are beautiful!! Your ‘Little Monet’ painting is displayed prominently in our family room.
Eric - 9 Jan 2022
Your art is amazing. The "Pair of pears" painting which I'm fortunate to have, is a beautiful piece. You are exceptional at what you do.
Diana Poppe - 26 Jun 2021
Am so delighted with your Autumn in Isolation! I smile every time I look at it. Wonderful!
Margaret - 27 Jan 2021
Wow you are a really good artist papa you are very talented at painting and drawing! One little comment is that you should practice human paintings/drawings because you are really good at drawing animals and things so I really advise you to draw/paint humans! Keep it up papa great job and keep going never stop trying to do what you love. ❤️😉😀
Paolo Pio Rogando Tan - 16 Dec 2019
Wow papa I'm so happy that you have ur own website nice work keep it up
Pio tan - 20 Nov 2019
your lily and koi was beautiful and awesome.
Tim Doyle - 5 Dec 2018
The portrait of Polly is just amazing! We all love it very much. It gives us the feeling that she is right there with us. We cannot thank you enough, and we will always treasure it.
Linda Chatton - 5 Jan 2018
again and again..we are so proud of your great job😍 behalf of people of Ontario, we are so proud of you, all of my friends and co workers are amazed of your talent. They never thought of me having a very talented brother from Victoria B.C. I salute!
Susan Ang - 7 Dec 2017
Wow I'm lost for words on how beautiful the portrait is of my grandchildren You have been blessed with a great talent. I will treasure this painting forever..... Thank you so much
Linda Marek - 7 Dec 2017
Boy, I am so delighted for what you have become. Who would have thought that the boy I've known since 8 years old could have grown into a man with different talents and abilities. Your work is exquisite! Thank you for sharing your work. Good luck for everything that you do!
Lucy Lewis - 26 May 2017
I loved the still life of fortune cookies displayed at the art show at the Atrium - 24 May 2017
Gail - 24 May 2017
Excellent work! We are all so proud of you!🙂
George King - 21 May 2017
Pan, your work is exquisite! You create such beautiful art. I encourage you to keep showing your work - you will go far with your great talent and skill. Lovely to see you and Lynda and Pio at the Art Victoria Now show tonight. Best wishes to you and your family.
Marianne Goodrich - 19 May 2017
galing galing talaga!!
Christian Tan - 18 May 2017
I think your still life is your most interesting work.
Nancy Slaght - 18 May 2017
you are doing a great job! i need more updated about your work😍🤗
Susan Ang - 18 May 2017
Admirable paintings! Kudos
Gracie - 18 May 2017
I've always been in awe of your work. Keep it up!
Shella - 18 May 2017
Pio and I are so proud of you! Love you Papa :-)
Lynda R. Tan - 18 May 2017
Awesome brother!! Be the best!!!
Rebecca Resurreccion - 18 May 2017
keep it up bro! great talent you have there.
jun razal - 17 May 2017
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