Pan Tan

Pan Tan

Pan is largely a self-taught artist that works in Pastels and Acrylics as his chosen medium for painting which he had committed to pursue and loved. The love of drawing and painting gave him the opportunity to be involved in teaching basic drawing and painting under the tutelage of a great Filipino artist Fernando Sena. A master pastellist himself that greatly influenced his style and dedication to the medium.  Pan's earlier works of pastel paintings of wildlife, pets and birds garnered awards and recognitions in all his exhibits. And his pastels and acrylic paintings of still life were equally loved by collectors. On every paintings that Pan creates, the high level of realism will always be a dominant characteristic aside from other important aspects like composition, skills and technique. If not working for a series or exhibitions, Pan is also a Pet Portrait Artist.


Artist Statement

My love of drawing in realism points me to where I started, that is using basic tools and techniques. My eyes are my greatest assets which I can use to see every details and be able to express the emotion that my artworks evoke. And feeling the need to create a painting through drawings, I find pastels as the best medium to achieve it. 

The way I use pastels is how they were used originally by the masters, nothing in between, just my fingers. The tactile aspect of painting with pastels promote intimacy to my paintings. This is what I want my viewers to feel, feel the drama, the mystery and the awe in my creations. 

I invite you to see my works and be amazed on what pastels can achieve. A century old medium that truly deserves a place in the art world.



Victoria Arts Council ( Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria )

Federation Of Canadian Artists