Pan Tan


(posted on 5 Jul 2017)

For an unknown reason, i just love to draw and paint fortune cookies. This started after we dined out and my son showed me a fortune cookie still stuck in his pocket. At that point i was in the middle of my still life composition and that gave me an idea of including it. After that, i'm just stuck to it!

But these fortunate cookies are indeed amazing. How simple their color may be, but the different tones and shadings they possess are a challenge. The folds and shine of the plastic wrappings adds up to its beauty. And the endless possibilities these fortune cookies can be a part of my still life are very helpful especially in the planning stages.

To top it all, Fortune Cookies sends out messages of fortunes and number combinations that proves to be a winner in lottery!

I hope that with my still life paintings, you'll find your fortune. And that every new home that my painting dwells on, may it bring endless fortunes!