Pan Tan


Normally, a work of art done in Pastels need to be framed under glass. It is the characteristics of the medium that this is traditionally done. And I'm a believer of this practice, pastel paintings have to be framed under floated glass. But as more and more advanced art conservation techniques are being developed, these products allows many possibilities a Pastel artist can try. And because of the cost of framing, the bulk and weight it adds on the painting and most galleries veering away to framed paintings, I am forced to set aside the traditional framed pastels but to try the more contemporary style of a glassless pastel paintings.

My primary concern is the conservation part of my paintings. I use a lot of time and labor to achieve my paintings, the last thing I need is to see them fade or totally ruined. And so my greatest part of my research is how and what to use to keep them the way they were painted. Weeks to months of anxious trials, I got to know the perfect formula according to the way I use my medium.

And so, if you see a work of mine done on wood panel and the rest on pastel paper, try to compare the difference. I'm sure they all have the same qualities of what a pastel paintings should be.